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IFP VIFP VENTURESENTURES & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES  (IFPVP) was incorporated as a wealth management firm by bringing together several qualified professionals and Certified Financial Planners (CFP) practitioners to offer broad based financial planning services. However, over the years, with the change of the financial landscape and regulation restricting the industry, IFPVP has shifted to offer a full range of real estate and financial related services mainly focuses on; purchase, sale and lease as well as financing or refinancing of property.

The executive management team and key technical members of IFPVP has an extensive background in real estate construction, development and marketing as well as banking and financial services which enable it to offer a comprehensive one stop solution provider” to its clients and partners.

Based on our past track record in selling numerous high end and niche market projects, amongst our project portfolio includes Kiara View and Serene Kiara – 2 most prestigious Malay Customary Land projects in the country, Kiara Hills, Sunway Bayrocks, Mesra Terrace (an award winning colonial designed and “Green” semi-Ds at Dutamas), Vivaldi, Casa Kiara, Villa Mont Kiara, Plaza Damas Seri Hartamas, Duta Suria many others, both at primary and secondary market.


  • Providing professional resource and advice that can be utilized throughout their association with the asset in terms of choice of mortgage and refinancing facility,relocation, rental management, and portfolio re balancing of asset classes including both real estate investment and unit trust.
  • Providing comprehensive physical inspection or viewing of property, review statistical and financial review prior to making any specific recommendation, be it for own use or rental/lease purposes.
  • Providing refurbishment, renovation and construction services which include repairs and maintenance and also furnishing a property with interior decoration and design
  • Providing property rental management which includes securing – suitable tenancy and monthly collection of rental on behalf of property owner/landlord.


Our En Yasni giving a talk on property investment on NTV7

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