TRISM KONTRAK SDN BHD was incorporated on 15th September 2005 and formally known as Tris Kitchens & Interiors which primarily involved in the field of kitchen design, interior decoration and renovation works.

The company eventually changed its name to TrisM Kontrak Sdn Bhd when it formed a strategic alliance with a project design consultancy firm, MZ Design Consultancy whose principal is IDr Monie Mohariff, an architect by training and qualification.

In January 2011, it joined the consortium of IFP Advisors Group. The smart partnership between the two companies has undertaken many contracts such as projects for corporate offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, exhibitions and also private residences.

The Company brings together a pool of expertise which include wooden fabrication works, such as manufacturing built-in cabinets (joinery) and also loose furniture, wooden door and door frame of all sorts of ID construction and designs. In addition, it also supplies works such as partitioning, varnishing, painting, plaster ceiling, electrical work, tiling works as well as stone work involving high grades of stone furnishing and interior design.

This include supply and application of paint job for large construction and property development job by virtue of its sister company in IFP Advisors Group ie. Silvercoats (M) Sdn Bhd that manufactures emulsion and glossy paints as well as undercoats products from the factory in Gopeng Industrial Park. Over the years, with it’s 300 strong TEAM of experienced paint applicators not only use its own brand of “Silver Paint” but also supply and apply those established brands of ICI, Jotun and Nippon Paints-depending on their clients’ preference, requirement and budget.

To this day, our company is successful due to the strong co-operation from our TEAM members which include experienced and dedicated employees, support from our valued and  trusting clients, business partners and associates, various designers, consultants as well as other professionals of related fields

To this date, we had completed 2 government based projects namely; (with both the CPCs & CMGDs) i) The Istana Bukit Malut in Langkawi for the Former KDYMM Al Marhum Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and recently ii) The Kuala Lumpur office and hostel for Yayasan Sarawak at Persiaran Ampang Hilir, Kuala Lumpur.


TrisM Kontrak Sdn. Bhd. had completed the Istana Bukit Malut project in Langkawi and handed over the vacant possession (CPC) on November 27, 2013. It is the private palace of the former Royal Highness (KDYMM) Al Marhum Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah at Langkawi. 



Based on our good performance and dedication, we have been issued with Certificate of Practical Completion (“CPC”) together with Certificate of Making Good Defects (“CMGD”) for both projects below:

I) Istana Bukit Malut, Langkawi Kedah Project :

Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC)

Certificate of Making Good Defects (CMGD)


II) Renovation Works for Yayasan Sarawak Office and Hostel Project :

Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC)


 Certificate of Making Good Defects (CMGD) 

Video on Istana Bukit Malut:

“The Wonder Stones” from Turkey

As part of our unique value propositions to be a differentiated player in the construction & building development industry, TrisM Kontrak Sdn. Bhd. also supplies and installs a special building materials called, “The Wonder Stones” from Turkey.

Wonder Stones from Turkey & Exclusive Building Materials:

  • Stained Glass
  • Crystal Luminaries/
  • Lighting

Cappadocia lies in central Anatolia, in the heartland of what is now Turkey. The relief consists of a high plateau over 1000m in altitude that is pierced by volcanic peaks, with Mount Erciyes (ancient Argaeus) near Kayseri (ancient Caesarea) being the tallest at 3916m.

Due to its inland location and high altitude, Cappadocia has a markedly continental climate, with hot dry summers and cold snowy winters. Rainfall is sparse and the region is largely semi-arid.

The Benefits of Wonder Stones

  • Resistant to 2000°C and is preferred for making high temperature ovens
  • The stones that keep the places that are used cool in summer and warm in winter cold, have become the basic building material which is preferred primarily in architecture
  • The stone used in Southeast Anatolia is splinter, minaret rock, air stone (white stone)
  • The air stone is soft and white like chalk and is easily cut and processed.
  • The temperature of interior will be cool.
  • No need for insulation and painting.
  • No spider-web problem.
  • Durable as long as the Earth continues to turn as it lasts for 500 years.
  • The special stones if they were to be made for bedroom, a normal recommended of 8 hours sleeping can be reduced to 3 hours in view of its “energy recharge” properties.

The Technical Characteristics

  • These stones have great insulation advantage for heat and noise.
  • Water Consistency: Recent surveys show that; Having stones is 31.1% and the proportion of water suction is 24.83% completely submerged in water.
  • Water Permeability: The examples, which are dried in normal heat, shows that the stones are completely water resistant.
  • The Effects Of The Heat: In most examples, deformation starts at 310°C ; but, in this stones its starts at 1280°C and even with an extra pressure, there are not any deformation and fusion.
  • Hardness: According to shore hardness tool tests, the shore hardness degrees of the stones are between 55-65.

The Mechanical Characteristics

  • Pressure resistance with one axis = in three different examples, the results 150-170-205- kg/cm2 are found.
  • Pressure Resistance with Three Axis = this is given MOHR diagram in addition.
  • Cohesion is 28-40 kg/cm2 and interior friction Angle is 48 go
  • Pulling Resistance =18-23 kg/cm2
  • Bending Resistance = 13-19 kg/cm2
  • Pointed Loading Resistance = 9-14 kg/cm2
  • Static and elasticize module is Ed 4.7.000 km/cm2



Wonder Stones used in Mecca’s Copullas & various type of building projects : 


These are the products and sample of wonder stones:

Stained glass used as part of interior design & architecture for projects:


Crystal Luminaries/Lighting: