Having inspired by the 1 Malaysia concept, Uno-Malaysia Imagineers Sdn Bhd contributes towards the unity of Malaysians through the production and distribution business of media contents and later ventures into event management and tourism business.

UNO Malaysia Imagineers Sdn Bhd  Established on 16th March, 2006, Uno-Malaysia Imagineers Sdn. Bhd. is the group’s licensed media, creative content & production house firm. It also focuses on the telecommunication infrastructure, multimedia and information technology business.

In 2010, Uno-Malaysia Imagineers Sdn. Bhd. was involved with MZDC to develop a project in Perlis called “Pakat Pi Perlis” based on a ‘Design, Built and Operate’ concept to re-brand the state tourism business and activities in order to create a niche and differentiated tourism development and activities for the country.

It also aims to be Malaysia’s first Tourism Planning and Management operator by offering ‘Privatization’ or joint venture with relevant government agencies, with ‘Pakat Pi Perlis’ being the pilot project.

UNO Travel & Adventures Sdn Bhd as the name suggest is primarily involved in tourism and travel agency business mainly focusing on the group and corporate tours from foreign countries.


  • Event Management & Public Relation – Seminars / Conference, Exhibition and Trade Shows,
  • Sports & Recreational : Parks, Equestrian,  Adventure Sports
  • Tourism – Eco Tourism, Agro Tourism, Aqua Tourism, Medical Tourism
  • Travel Agent & Ticketing – Inbound and outbound Packaged Tour


  • Audio & Visual – Documentaries, Feature Films, Television Programmes, Reality Shows, Theatre, Performances, Musical Concerts, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Computer Games and Advertisements
  • Provision of Information Technology and Multimedia Service



UNO Virtual Corporate Profile

SPBYDP Agong during Royal Golf Tour at The Els Datai, Langkawi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X261pUYtUfM&feature=youtu.be




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