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ProBiz Tech Series #3


DATE: 14th December, 2019 (Satuday)

TIME: 09:30 – 13:00

VENUE: Intuition Mont Kiara, (next to Solaris), Jalan Duta Kiara, MONT KIARA






Past Events

AMPLE Design Thinking Workshop with IBM

Date: 10th October 2018 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm
Venue: IBM CoDE Studio, IBM Cyberjaya

Design thinking (DT) is a well-known method for practical and creative resolution of problems by using the same strategies designers use during a design process. Unlike analytical thinking, DT consists of building up ideas with few or no limit on breadth during a brainstorm. It is a process that utilizes empathetic, creative, innovative and analytical skills as to understand a problem and provide a solution.

Despite typically being widely used in a professional design practice, design thinking has also been developed as an approach to resolve issues in business and social contexts.

IBM Design Thinking combines traditional techniques with new core practices— hills, playbacks, and sponsor users – to come up with a powerful approach to innovation and brand differentiation, focused on creating experiences that delight customers.IBM Design Thinking applies knowledge from real development with real users at IBM’s Cloud Garage locations worldwide and have devised a method to generate ideas faster; design, evaluate, and test them faster; and develop code faster.

Most importantly, you can deliver value to your customers faster and more efficiently.


This event is exclusively for our members only.
Non-members are very much welcome to sign up as member to attend the workshop as well as future events.

25 seats available on first come first serve basis.

Kindly RSVP by filling in the form in the link below:

ELO Partners’ Programme

Date: 30th September (Sunday)
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: Dewan Bendahara, Level 3, Block A, EDC Hotel, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.

*Multi level parking in Block B. At the rear of the hotel.
** The ELO Partners’ programme is FOC for ELO partners. Refreshments and hi tea are provided.
*** If you wish to attend, but aren’t a partner, you may sign up to be a partner for free.

Programme itinerary:

2.00pm – 2.30pm: Short Introduction by Dato’ Dr Syed Abdul Aziz 
– Tissue Hypoxia and ELO Water

2.30pm – 3.15pm: ELO Product Training
– Focused on water & skincare products

3.15pm – 4.00pm: Partner Programme Training
– Overview on commissions, rebate, recruiting partners, members etc

4.00pm – 5.00pm: Partner Website Training
– How to use the website
– Updating bank/personal details, etc

5.00pm: End of event

Things to bring:

Reminder: All members are required to know their email address and ID password prior to the event

Kindly RSVP by filling in the form in the link below:


ELO Water is an oxygen-rich water, a treated water in which revolutionary technology allowing the water molecule to be rearranged resulting in water with high dissolved oxygen content (15-19 ppm), stable and easily absorbed by the gut.

ELO has anecdotal evidence showing that it benefits especially those suffering from cancer, dementia, diabetic and hypertension, eczema, fatty liver. It is also oxygen rich water that helps with overall wellness to maintain and rejuvenate the cells.

More about ELO Water :

ELO Oxygen-Rich Drinking Water

The Science Behind ELO Water




Cancer & Hypoxia

The Effects of ELO Water on Tumour Hypoxia and Tumour Growth

Clinical Human Study of ELO Gel

Dr David is one of the founding partners to Kaqun together with Dr Robert Lyon that visited Malaysia recently during one of ELO Water Healthy Lifestyle Series – The Benefit Of Oxygen In Cancer Management.


ELO Hi-Tea 

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you/ [your representative(s)] to our Healthy Lifestyle Series; ELO Water Talk over a Hi-Tea. This is an event that will open up our mind listening to this Major Breakthrough in the medical industry.
The details are as follows:-

Date    : 1st July, 2018 (Sunday)
Time   : 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Venue : Sofitel Kuala Lumpur
(Damansara, 6 Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara,50490 Kuala Lumpur)

We would like to illuminate the benefits and the science behind consuming Elo Water as well as its other uses. Our goal is to share its unique value with others and, with God’s willing, with the world on a large scale.

1. Elo Water is basically oxygen rich water. It is not to be confused with the normal oxygenated water.

2. It is produced by Hyflux Shop ( and is backed by a strong public listed company in Singapore to being the # 1 BOT water desalination player in the world. Thanks to our business associates and partnership with Hyflux Shop Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Elo Water is now available on our shores.

3. Still undergoing clinical studies and tests by Changi General Hospital, Singapore and scientific research by Monash University, Australia; results soon to be released in August. Meanwhile, there are already many anecdotal success stories.

4. ELO water subsidiary lead researcher is Dr. Choy, a physician with PhD in diabetes.

5. At this special event, being introduced for the first time will be the co-founder to this proprietary technology, Dr Robert Lyons from Hungary who will share his over 10 years of experience in Kaqun Water (what Elo Water is known as in Europe). He was also invited by the Royal Society of Medicine to talk about Kaqun Water in a special conference in London this coming December, 2018.

This is a closed event together with a hi-tea buffet, hence we would appreciate RSVP (including your no of attendees) to any of the numbers below:
Ms Linda  : 012 687 3507
En Yasni   : 012-223 1745
Ms Monie : 013-392 0388

Do explore ELO Water and its proven benefits by attending this talk, or you may know somebody that might want to try this for their own health; especially those suffering from medical conditions such as cancer, dementia, diabetes, eczema, artery blockage, fatty liver or health problems whereby the conventional medicine is unable to cure and would be open to an alternative solution.

Thank You.

For and on behalf of En. Yasni Yusof and Pn. Monie Mohariff

Another value added service brought to you by IFP ADVISORS GROUP

For further explanation on ELO Water :

The Science Behind ELO Water

Cancer & Hypoxia

The Effects of ELO Water on Tumour Hypoxia and Tumour Growth

Clinical Human Study of ELO Gel

Dr.David is one of the founding partners to Kaqun together with Dr Robert Lyon tht visited Malaysia recently during 1 of Elo Water Healthy Lifestyle Series – The Benefit Of Oxygen In Cancer Management.

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