Elo Water is an oxygen-rich water, a treated water in which revolutionary technology allowing the water molecule to be rearranged resulting in water with high dissolved oxygen content (15-19 ppm), stable and easily absorbed by the gut.

Elo has anecdotal evidence showing that it benefits especially those suffering from cancer, dementia, diabetic and hypertension, eczema, fatty liver. It is also oxygen rich water that helps with overall wellness to maintain and rejuvenate the cells.

Elo Water is basically oxygen rich water. It is not to be confused with the normal oxygenated water. It is produced by Elo Mart Pte Ltd and is backed by a strong public listed company in Singapore to being the # 1 BOT water desalination player in the world. Thanks to our business associates and partnership with Elo Water Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Elo Water is now available on our shores.

Elo Water is still undergoing clinical studies and tests by Changi General Hospital, Singapore and scientific research by Monash University, Australia; results soon to be released. Meanwhile, there are already many anecdotal success stories. ELO water subsidiary lead researcher is Dr. Choy, a physician with PhD in diabetes.

More about ELO Water

Dr David is one of the founding partners to Kaqun together with Dr Robert Lyon that visited Malaysia recently during one of ELO Water Healthy Lifestyle Series – The Benefit Of Oxygen In Cancer Management.

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